RM1-4554 Fuser Assembly Installation Guide (part of CB388A maintenance kit)

  • Install RM1-4554 fuser for HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515

Easy to follow installation guide for RM1-4554 fuser, used in CB388A maintenance kit. CB388A maintenance kit is specifically designed for HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515 printers.

RM1-4554 Fuser Assembly Installation Guide ( part of CB388A maintenance kit)

  • 1

    Before installing the fuser, turn the printer off and unplug the power cord (wait 30 minutes until the fuser cool down before proceeding).

  • 2

    Remove duplexer from the back of the printer.

  • 3

    Fold down the rear door.

  • 4

    Flex the plastic hinge pin on the bottom left of the rear door and squeeze the left hinge pin to release the holding tab.

  • 5

    Slide the rear door to the left to remove from printer.

  • 6

    While holding onto both sides of the fuser, push the two blue levers on the bottom of the fuser and pull the fuser out.

  • 7

    Install the replacement fuser by inserting it and aligning the left side first, making sure that the fuser is fully seated into the printer and you will hear a sound of both blue levers snap into place.

  • 8

    Reinstall the plastic rear output bin.