About Us

Founded in January 2000, Partsmart Corporation is a manufacturer-based wholesale company dedicated to parts and supplies for laser printers as well as other office and personal health products. Most of our products are directly imported from our own manufacturer. All these products are extensively tested by quality control experts to ensure high quality. Therefore, we are able to offer you best quality products with very competitive prices. With over one million dollar inventory in stock, we provide same day shipping and fast delivery to meet our customers' urgent needs. 

Printer Parts

Recently, we have expanded our manufacturing factory to a larger facility of 81,000 square feet and over 400 employees. In addition to basic products such as heat rollers, pressure rollers, lamps, pickup/feed rollers, separation pads, delivery rollers, covers, paper guides, gears, bushings, cleaning rollers, caution labels, etc., we have invested great deal of capital to hi-tech products such as thermistor and thermoswitches. These products are the number one choice for printer maintenance and fuser remanufacture industry.

Aftermarket Fuser Film Sleeves

After more than two years of extensive research and development, we finally released our first generation aftermarket fuser film sleeves in 2003.  With continuded research and investment, Fuser Film Sleeves have become our most popular products with a wide variety of models and material types.


ISO 90001 Manufacturer

This manufacturing factory has brought us great benefits, which we believe will be passed along to our valued customers. Owing to the hard work and advanced management, Partsmart successfully passed ISO 9001 qualification processes and obtained ISO9001:2000 QMS Certification in November 2004. This is an important milestone in showing that Partsmart people have made great progress in ensuring our product quality meets leading worldwide standards. Partsmart Corporation is a perfect integration of research & development, quality control, sales & marketing and customer service. We constantly gather information from our customers and feed back to our manufacturing company. We timely develop new products according to our customers' needs. Our new products are released under monthly basis. So please come and visit us regularly.