About Us

Founded in January 2000, Partsmart Corporation is a manufacturer dedicated to parts and supplies for laser printers as well as other office and personal health products. All products are extensively tested by quality control experts to ensure compliance with high-quality standard.  Vertical integration allows us to drive cost down through improved coordination of production and inventory scheduling. Therefore, we are able to offer our customer best combination of quality products and competitive prices. With over one million dollar inventory in stock, we provide same day shipping and fast delivery to meet our customers' urgent needs. 

State-of-Art Facility

Our manufacturing facility consists of 81,000 square feet and employs over 400 employees. In addition to manufacturing of printer parts and components, such as heat rollers, pressure rollers, lamps, pickup/feed rollers, separation pads, delivery rollers, covers, paper guides, gears, bushings, cleaning rollers, caution labels, etc., we have invested great deal of capital to hi-tech products such as thermistor and thermoswitches. These products are the number one choice for printer maintenance and fuser remanufacture industry.

In-House R&D

Partsmart is committed to investing and innovating in R&D. Our proprietary aftermarket fuser film sleeves have become our most popular products with a wide variety of models and material types.

Quality Assurance

Partsmart utilizes the stringent protocols in all aspects of our manufacturing processes. Our Quality Management System is in compliance with the highest international standards, such as, ISO 9001 qualification processes and  ISO9001:2000 QMS. We subscribe to the continuous improvement process and use international auditing as well as 3rd party audits to help us review our systems and effectiveness on a regular basis.

Refurbish Program

At Partsmart, we recycle hundreds of fuser cores every month.  We believe refurbishing manufacturing is not only an eco-friendly alternative, but it is also a chance for the part to evolve from its original state. From implementing engineering upgrades and component-level redesigns all the way through to process engineering efficiencies, evolution and innovation never stops at Partsmart. 

Technical Support

We are committed to provide the veteran technical support to our customers, including needs assessment, trouble-shooting, and video-based diagnose.  We focus on mitigating risk four our customer and resolve their unique technical and business needs.