How to Choose the Right Grease for Fuser Film Sleeves

How to select the right grease for fuser film sleeve, fusing film sleeve
It is critical to apply grease properly when replacing fuser film sleeves, and it is also important to apply the right type of grease. Let us help you demystify the process for choosing the right grease and save some money.

Definition of Fuser Film Sleeve grease

The grease is used to lubricate fuser film sleeves. It is critical to apply grease properly when replacing fuser film sleeves, and it is also important to apply the right type of grease.  If incorrect grease is applied, the film sleeve may stop turning after printing for a long time and cause paper jam due to dry out of the grease. For step by step fuser film sleeve replacement instruction, check out our article for Fuser Film Sleeve Installation Instruction

The short answer

When it comes to purchase grease for fuser film sleeves, it could be confusing. To make the answer short, HP-300 grease will work for all types of fuser film sleeves.  Our HP-300 grease comes in two sizes, 2g (GRS-HP300-2G) and 20G (GRS-HP300-20G).  For one fuser film sleeve replacement, 2g (GRS-HP300-2G) is sufficient.  2G of HP-300 grease may be enough for two film sleeves at most.   The downside of HP-300 grease is that it is very expensive.

The detailed answer, and it could possibly save you some money

At Partsmart, we carry two types of grease. One is fully fluorinated polymer grease called HP-300. Another type is silicon based grease. HP-300 grease is for high speed printers and fuser film sleeves with metal base,  whereas silicon based grease is for low to medium speed (5 ppm - 25 ppm) printers and fuser film sleeves with polymer base.  In below we have listed the ideal grease type for different fuser film sleeves. 

Fuser film sleeve with metal base

The metal base sleeves are built for newer models of printer, such as HP LaserJet P4014, HP LaserJet Enterprise M601HP LaserJet 4250, HP LaserJet 4300, and most color printers such as HP Color LaserJet 4700HP Color LaserJet CP2025HP Color LaserJet CP3525 etc.  These types of printers run fast and require more efficient heat transfer. Therefore, the sleeves require grease that provides extraordinary performance under extreme conditions.

For metal-based fuser film sleeve, you will need to use HP-300 grease: 

Fuser film sleeve with polymer base

For older model printers, such as  HP LaserJet 1200HP LaserJet 1300HP LaserJet 2100, HP LaserJet 2200, HP LaserJet 2300HP LaserJet 2400HP Laserjet 4000HP LaserJet 4100, HP LaserJet 6P and HP LaserJet 6L etc., the fuser film sleeves are made with polymer base.  These types of fuser film sleeves are suitable for low to medium speed printers and only require grease that provide good performance under relatively high temperature.

For polymer-based fuser film sleeve, silicon based grease is sufficient: