Common Printing Problems and Solutions

Common printer errors and solutions in modern office
Tips and solutions for common print errors, such as low toner error, and seared or faded prints.

Low Toner Error

You may have just replaced a new toner only to find your computer giving you “low toner” error.  Unless your toner cartridge is really broken or damaged, simply resetting your printer is all you need to fix this problem. Different printers have different resetting steps, please follow your printer's user manual to reset your printer. 

Smeared, Streaked or Faded Prints

There are generally three types of reasons that could cause smeared, streaked or faded prints.   

Printer Paper Type Setting

The first thing you want to check is your printer's paper type setting.  Check to see if your printer is set properly for the paper you are using. If your printer thinks you’re using a different type of paper, it may affect how toner is applied and fused to the page. The default printer paper type is regular paper. If you are printing on heavy paper, you need to set the paper type to be heavy paper. This way, printer will increase the fusing time or temperature to allow the toner to be completely fused to the paper. 

Toner Cartridge

After making sure the paper type setting is correct, the next you need to check is the toner cartridge. If you haven't printed in a long time (more than 3 month), the powder in the toner cartridge might have settled.  All you need is to do is to awaken the toner.  Simply remove the toner from the printer and shake it gently from side to side.  Put it back, and you may get perfect prints.  If this does not solve the problem, you may take out the toner cartridge to check to see if there is toner leaking out or extra toner sticking on the OPC drum.  If you see excess toner, clean it out and put the cartridge back.  If the problem persists, you need to replace the toner cartridge.

Fusers and Maintenance Kits

If after going through the above two check points, you still get bad prints.  Then most likely there are some parts that are not functioning properly.  The common parts that you need to replace are Fusers or Maintenance Kits.  Simply purchase the correct Fusers or Maintenance Kits for your printer and follow the installation instructions to install the parts.  Maintenace Kits normally include fusers, transfer rollers, pickup rollers and separation pads.  Transfer roller works to transfer toner from toner cartrage to paper, and fuser functions to fuse the toner on paper.  Pickup rollers and separation pads will only help solving paper jam problems but will not improve image quality.