Innovation drives cost saving - MEGA 5X High Capacity Toner Cartridge ( eq. 5-Pack) compatible with HP12A (Q2612A) Black

MEGA 5X High Capacity Toner Cartridge compatible with HP Q2612A
MEGA 5X delivers 5 times of page yield at the cost of about 3 regular Q2612A cartridges. What a deal! Compatible with HP 12A (Q2612A).

When it comes to exercise cost saving for printer cartridges, nobody is more expert than us at Printel.  Our printer cartridges and various printer parts for HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Dell, Epson, IBM, Samsung, Xerox are only a fraction of the cost compared to original brand.  However we are not complacent with where we are.  Innovation never stops at Printel!  We are very excited to unveil Printel's most recent product innovation to the market: MEGA 5X High Capacity Toner Cartridge (5-Pack) Compatible with HP 12A (Q2612A)

If it is your first time visit our website, I want to make sure you know that Printel is the most trusted brand dedicated to deliver the top notch quality printer cartridges and printer parts to the printer maintenance market. Printel is created by the printer parts and supply veteran Partsmart Corporation. Backed by nearly two decades of deep experience in product design, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service, Partsmart has perfected her practice to a level that make competitors envy.

Now back to our product release. MEGA 5X Toner Cartridge compatible with Q2612A is an ingenious engineering design achievement. With patented toner design, MEGA 5X delivers 5 times of page yield at the cost of about 3 regular Q2612A cartriges.  So what does that mean? That means you are paying for the price of 3 cartridges and actually get the same amount of print from 5 regular Q2612A (12A) toners.   What a deal!

Ultra High Page Yield

10,000 pages, which is equivalent to 5x standard HP 12A toner cartridges. World's highest capacity toner cartridge compatible with all printers that use HP 12A (Q2612A) toner cartridge. You only get it from Printel MEGA series.  Now you will wonder how this high page yield is achieved? Continue to read about our ingenious engineerig design. 

Ingenious Engineering Design

Exclusive to Printel, patented structural and mechanical design enables increased toner hopper capacity by 5 times.  How can we achieve that?  This is done through meticulous mechnical and product design to smartly modify the toner hopper structure to increase its capacity while still fits within cartridge housing inside the printer.  This modified toner hopper design allows us to put 5 times more toner in the MEGA cartridge to deliver 10,000 page yield per cartridge.  Imagine, with Printel MEGA 5X, your cartridge can lasts 5 times longer.   Now when you need to change and re-order cartridge 5 times over whatever lenght of time. You only need to do it 1 time.   80% of hussel reduce, productivity increase!! 

As you may already noticed in the illustration, Printel MEGA 5X increases the onter hopper volume by  5 times but only increased  the waster bin by 2 times.  How does this math work?  Shouldn't the waste bin also be increased 5 times to be compatible with the 5 times bigger hopper?  Printel has used our proprietary technology to utilize refined high quality toner and reduced the waste.  Therefore MEGA 5X doesn't generate 5 times more waste.  This means more toner goes to your print and money spent wisely!   

Green Eco Solution

The 5 to 1 design magic allows 80% less material to be used in one MEGA toner cartridge comparing to five standard HP 12A cartridges. Using MEGA toner to help keep 80% of plastic and metal waste out of landfill. Time to go green and protect mother earth.