How to start a business to sell ink, toner and printer parts and make money

If you want to start your own business and don't know how to get started or even not sure which niche you should pick.  Look no further, start a business in selling ink, toner and printer parts right now. As a business veteran in the printer supply and part industry for more than 20 years, I can assure you that business in selling ink and toner, and printer parts is recession proof.  And it offers you continuous growth over time.  Why is that?  Continue to read and see if it makes sense for you..

Low Upfront Investment

First of all, to start a business to sell ink, toner and printer parts does not re quire a big investment, does not worry about warehouse management and inventory management, since we can help you handle all the headache issues, the only thing you need to do is to make the sales by contacting the customers you can reach out in your local area, such as schools, state or county government agencies, companies and small business owners.  The bigger offices you can reach out, the more products you can sell at one time and you can sell monthly or annually.  As soon as you hook up with your local business owners, then it is great for you to get recurring income each month, each year and for long time to come.  Why not? Give a try. We support you!

Easy to Expand

Secondly, when you establish a business to sell ink, toner and printer parts to your local business owners.  You will be confident to go further, to reach out more business owners in other counties or near by states.  It is good business model to expand from your local to broad market.  

Diversify your Portfolio

Thirdly, besides selling ink, toner and printer parts to your local business owners, you can provide more valuable services such as printer maintenance, printer repair even printer upgrade.  Again, we can help you too.  Why not to start this smart business now? 


Interested?  Follow these steps to get started

Get a list of products

Talk to your local business owners to learn what kind of ink cartridge or toner cartridge they use.  For example, they may use Brother TN420 toner cartridge.  Then simply search TN420 in our product search bar. We guarantee you the best price you can get in the market.  Then simply mark it up and sell it to your customer.  

Place an Order and We will ship

Order the products from us. You can have us ship the products to you, then you deliver the products to your customer.  Or you can simply put your customer's address as the shipping address and leave a note for the order "Drop Ship".  Then we will ship the products on your behalf to your customer.  Your customer will never see our address. They will only see your address. 


Got a question, email us