How to save up to 30% on Printer Supply, Ink Cartridge, and Toner Cartridge

In this blog, I want to talk how you can save money with one of the most cost sensitive office supply purchases: toner and ink cartridge and as well as printer parts. 

We are Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges Manufacturer and Wholesaler

As a printer parts, ink cartridge and toner cartridge manufacturer and distributor, at Partsmart we spent our busy September sending pallets of shipment to our customer, preparing them for the busy last quarter of 2016.  For years, our Partsmart business has been mainly in the B2B space, serving companies receiving shipments with a docking station and faxing in POs with long lines of disclaimer.  

It is not easy to serve business customers as you have to guarantee highest quality standards otherwise we will be facing returns worth thousands and millions dollars.  Defective quality control could easily destroy a business.   Thanks to our leadership and operation team holding quality standards extremely high, we have been growing strong and continue to gain trust of big players in the industry.

We are selling to Small Business as well!

The good news is , as some of you already know, we ventured into retail last year.  We created a brand, Printel, to spearhead our company in front of the consumer world.  Our philosophy is simple: utilizing our years of manufacturing and wholesale experience to serve small business, family and individuals.  Having been in the industry for close to two decades, we know all the kinks about printer parts, ink cartridge and toner cartridges.   No other copmany can provide better service and products than Printel @ Partsmart when it comes to printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges and printer parts. 

We have saved our wholesale customers millions of dollars annually by providing them our 3rd party manufactured parts, remanufactured ink cartridges and brand new replacement toner cartridges.  Now calling to all the small business owners, mom and papa pops, we are now opening the door for you and help you save thousands of dollars a year. 

Significantly Discounted Wholesale Price

Facts you need to know.  Our retail price is already 10% below the average market price.  How can we maintain this low price? Because we are the manufacturer.  We have 81,000 square feet of facility and 500+ employees dedicating to printer parts, ink and toner cartridge manufacturing, testing and distribution.   So you are buying direct from the manufacturer.  That’s how we can maintain the low price to benefit our customer. Who doesn't love to cut off the middle man and save money!

Three Levels of Business Premier Membership

We value and care all of our customers. Our motto is to satisfy each and very customer!  If you are a small business owner, you can gain even more benefit with Printel.  We offer three level of business premier memebers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each level comes with a guaranteed discount.  


As a Bronze member, you will enjoy quantity based discounts for up to 30%.  For quantity, we have a MOQ requirement of 10. So if you buy 10 or more, you will get up to 25% off retail price.


As a Silver member, you get 25% off retail price regardless of your purchase quantity. That is right! Even if you only buy 1 product, you still get 25% off retail price. 


Gold member is our highest Business Premeir member level, no matter how many you buy for each of your order, you automatically get up to 25% off. And if you buy 100 or more, you will the deepest discount: 30% off retail price. 

Act Now

Register for Business Premium account now and start enjoying the discount that you cannot find anywhere else.